Principled Resistance

The American Solidarity Party stands for a consistently pro-life political program dedicated to defending human life and dignity from conception to natural death. We stand for a politics of solidarity, particularly with the poor and vulnerable, expressed as much as possible through decentralized, interpersonal methods. This consistent, broad, whole life approach provides a unique and principled, moral alternative to the corrupt power politics of the two major parties. We seek not to be accepted by the political paradigm of right and left, but to reject it in favor of a political reality based outside the dichotomy.

As a party, we are deeply concerned about the trajectory of Donald Trump’s Presidency. A wave of understandable resentment against the corrupt establishment politics of the Democratic Party has swept an unprincipled provocateur to power — a son of privilege who poses disingenuously as the champion of the white working class. While we agree with some of President Trump’s goals, such as his moves to restrict and discourage abortion, we find most of his actions since his taking office to be alarming. We are particularly opposed to his draconian Executive Order Regarding Immigration and Refugees; and in general to his attempts, both as a candidate and as President, to scapegoat immigrants and/or Muslims for perceived problems in American society. We must not, as a society, throw vulnerable people under the bus in the name of “security”. We are also opposed to moves by both President Trump and the Republicans in Congress to scrap the Affordable Care Act without instituting a credible alternative, and in general to take measures that punish the poor and make it harder for them to thrive. Our commitment to defending the unborn goes hand in hand with a commitment to protect the dignity and well-being of those who are already born, and in particular to create conditions that will make women less likely to feel the need to seek the terrible option of abortion.

There are many who will feel that in the name of unity, we must put these concerns aside, or ignore the doubts of our consciences; and while we respect the ideals of their beliefs, we must disagree with the way in which they are expressed. The actions described above, and others like them, are a threat to human dignity. Not just the dignity of those who are targeted, but also of those who accept the actions themselves. As citizens of our country, and as members of a political party dedicated to the Common Good, we will resist by all just and peaceful means available to us. We will speak out, as a party and as individuals. We will build coalitions with other organizations. We will seek out and nominate thoughtful, conscientious candidates who are willing to stand against the overwhelming historical tide of partisan politics. We are, as an organization, committed not to conciliatory acceptance and acquiescence, but to principled, peaceful opposition and resistance to the actions of any administration, national or local, that violate our core principles of human life, human dignity, social justice, and environmental responsibility. The very rise of this party itself began as a means of peaceful opposition to the corruption that came before, and the bleak reality of an election season marked by acrimonious censure of all measured viewpoints, and moderate ideas. Now is not the time to merely hope for better days, we must rededicate ourselves to a sincere and constant mission to achieve them.

This is a moment of decision in American history, and the history of the American Solidarity Party. The Trump Presidency is a symptom, not the cause, of a deep, divisive malaise in American public life, stemming from the loss of the concept of the common good. Americans are separated from their neighbors and divided from their communities. We are committed, as a party, to defending the Common Good against threats from both sides of the conventional political spectrum. We will not allow anything to compromise that vision.

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