Solidarity with Puerto Rico

A humanitarian crisis is unfolding on the island of Puerto Rico. Our fellow Americans, already reeling from the buffeting winds of numerous hurricanes and tropical storms, are experiencing a truly incredible level of destruction to the infrastructure necessary for a secure and safe existence. Millions of American citizens have been left without access to water, electricity, shelter, communication, and food. The population of Puerto Rico is especially vulnerable to the disintegration of common services as nearly half is below the poverty line and its government is already burdened with crippling debt. There is no feasible means by which the people and government of Puerto Rico can overcome this situation on their own.
The American Solidarity Party, in accordance with the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity, calls upon the federal government of the United States to expand and redouble its efforts to address the needs of its citizens. We stand in solidarity with the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico, and particularly with the vulnerable populations whose voicelessness and neglect is often magnified in tragedy. We further call for extensive investment in the infrastructure of Puerto Rico, both to address the current crisis and to shield its people from the same in the future. We acknowledge our responsibility to speak up for the people of Puerto Rico who have no representation in our government and thus cannot speak up for themselves.
To the people of Puerto Rico: Your suffering is our suffering. Your burden is our burden. Your debts are our debts.
We also encourage voluntary charity to address the immediate crisis. Click here for a list of ways you can personally help click here

Another way you can help Puerto Ricans in solidarity is to petition the President to waive the Jones Act for humanitarian purposes, to help aid and supplies from around the world reach the island more quickly. Sign the petition here

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