Pro-Life Politics in a Broken Culture

The current political environment forces us to make impossible, gut-wrenching choices. Over and over again. As if the 2016 presidential election wasn’t bad enough, the nightmare recurs throughout the country.

The U.S Senate race in Alabama is one of the clearer examples. There, voters who believe that a candidate preyed on young girls will vote for him anyway. Why? Because he is Republican. Because he is “pro-life.” We know this is nonsense but—somehow—we keep finding ourselves here. Over and over again, we feel trapped.

We at the American Solidarity Party think the nightmare needs to end. The current events—Moore, Franken, and countless others—show that the culture is broken. It needs to change. The two major parties only make it worse.

Let’s get back to basics: the sanctity of human life, necessity of social justice, conservation of the environment, and promotion of a more peaceful world. Tribalism can’t achieve those things. Solidarity will.


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