Humane Politics and the Alabama Election

In Doug Jones’s narrow victory in the Senate race, the people of Alabama did not so much win as the cynical politics of ends justifying the means lost. The testimony of women victimized by Roy Moore was vindicated, and Black voters spoke out loudly despite recent measures taken by the state to suppress their votes. In this sense the election was a victory for justice for all, and for that the American Solidarity Party expresses gratitude.

But not actually justice for all, because Senator-elect Doug Jones does not recognize the right to life and human dignity for preborn persons, even those children near full-term who could certainly live outside the womb. The American Solidarity Party rejects the notion that voters should have to choose between supporting children in the womb and supporting women who have been victimized in any number of ways; that voters should have to choose between supporting healthcare for the preborn and healthcare for poor and working class adults.

We insist on humane politics and justice for all, and call on Senator-elect Jones to represent and work for the common good of ALL Alabamans, born and unborn, men and women, of all races and nationalities. We urge him to reject the bitter partisanship that impedes pursuit of the common good in Congress today, and wish him well for taking on the responsibility of statesmanship.

The American Solidarity Party also notes the incredible surge of write-in voters in the Alabama special election. It heralds a growing trend of voters who refuse to be limited to two unacceptable choices. We invite voters who reject the false choice of the two major parties today to join us in staking out a third way in the American political landscape, one that will not compromise our core principles of the sanctity of life from conception to natural death, the necessity of social justice, care for the environment, and pursuit of peace.

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