Ranked Choice Voting Gives Citizens a Clearer Voice

Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas has introduced a bill in the Virginia Assembly that would require most elections in the state to be conducted with ranked choice voting (RCV). Similar bills have been proposed in the past few weeks in Indiana, Missouri, and Utah.
RCV is designed to ensure that voters have more true choices in their elections. In our current “winner-take-all” system, voters are encouraged to choose the “lesser of two evils” rather than voting for the person who would best represent their concerns and interests. Primaries, often poorly attended, often increase this problem by nominating extreme candidates.

Under RCV, candidates often do best when they not only attract a core of “first-choice” supporters, but also reach out to people who might make them their second or third choice. In cities where RCV has been adopted, elections are often less contentious, since there is an upside to building bridges with opponents. RCV also eliminates expensive primary elections, saving taxpayers the cost of fully staffing those elections.

The American Solidarity Party supports “alternative methods of voting …in order to make governing bodies more accurately reflect broad candidate choice.” Ranked choice voting is one such method. We encourage you to get involved in your state to support the move to these alternatives.

If you are a Virginia voter, please contact your Delegate and state Senator to encourage their support of Del. Freitas’s bill (H.B. 553). Voters nationwide can get more information on what is happening by clicking on your state’s map at the following link: http://www.fairvote.org/ranked_choice_voting_expands_in_2018. Fairvote.org contains a great deal of good information about alternative methods of voting and how you can advocate for these alternatives in your community.


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