The Death Penalty, Opioids, and Religious Opposition to Capital Punishment

The American Solidarity Party condemns President Trump’s remarks suggesting the death penalty as a punishment for drug dealers in an effort to combat the opioid crisis. We oppose the use of the death penalty, especially as a disproportionate punishment for drug dealers. In addition to this proposed solution, Trump said countries that impose the death penalty on drug dealers have a better record than the United States in combating substance abuse. The elimination of drug dealers does not mean the problem of drug dealing has been fixed.

In addition, the American Solidarity Party supports the actions of Greta Lindecrantz, a Mennonite woman being religiously persecuted for her faith’s opposition to violence and the death penalty. Mrs. Lindecrantz’s testimony in a murder case has the potential impact of confirming the defendant’s sentence of death. Mrs. Lindecrantz has refused to testify in court, and is being held in jail for contempt of court.

These circumstances point towards a poisoned culture and fractured community, where the death penalty is seen as the final solution for a community’s problems. A government that fails to address the deeper problems of the community and resorts to the death penalty fails its citizens.

For these reasons and many others, the American Solidarity Party supports the prosecution and punishment of drug-related crimes that focuses on distribution, impaired performance, or endangerment, rather than possession and use. However, we also support redirecting funds allotted for the arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment of illicit drug users towards prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. To address deeper personal and community issues, we also support mandatory rehabilitation programs in lieu of imprisonment. As a pro-life political party, we strongly oppose the existence and use of capital punishment.

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