Gun Control Reform and the Consistent Life Ethic

The American Solidarity Party is grieved by the loss of 14 beautiful children, 3 heroic adults, and the injuries of 15 more in yet another deadly mass shooting at a school or public gathering space. Our condolences, thoughts, and prayers are with the victims and community of Parkland, Florida.

But we do not propose to only send thoughts and prayers. We have prayed and were led. We have thought and have ideas. We stand in Solidarity with the victims. We cannot understate our frustration with the current major parties that have failed to take any effective measures to reduce these tragedies in the 20 years since Columbine.

For too long, the National Rifle Association and their allies have distorted the political process and cowed major party politicians by spewing their false propaganda that “Second Amendment rights” should block reasonable gun regulations. The Second Amendment, when properly interpreted, allows for reasonable government regulation of deadly firearms. Our Party is on record in its unequivocal support for the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, and we believe that is consistent with Congress swiftly moving to adopt responsible federal gun legislation.

Those reforms should include:
• A robust licensing and background check system supervised by public officials, not reliant on self-interested gun dealers.
• Strict prohibition on allowing persons whose access to weapons poses a heightened public safety risk to purchase, possess, or use firearms, including persons with a documented history of domestic abuse, animal cruelty, or commission of hate crimes, listing as a terror suspect, or specific mental health disorders associated with increased propensity for violence, subject to appropriate due process to remove the prohibition if the person can demonstrate he or she does not in fact pose a heightened threat.
• A prohibition of high capacity magazines used in military style rifles and “bump stocks”.
• Consistent with our long-standing call for universal health care, expanded and fully funded mental health care for all.
• An end to funding restrictions on CDC’s research into the public health risks posed by weapons.
• Full funding of the ATF so it can fully and properly enforce all federal weapons laws.

These measures are in line with our commitment as a party to a consistent life ethic. Our current major parties have failed to consistently advance life values. In contrast, we support reformed gun regulations as necessary to promote public safety, while also encouraging broad political measures that combat the culture of death and promote a culture of life.

[Approved 23 March, 2018 by the National Committee.]


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