The American Solidarity Party is a true, organically-grown grassroots party that was formed by people looking for a third way in the polarized and interest-group-driven landscape of American politics, modeled on Christian Democratic parties throughout the world, shaped by unique aspects of American culture and law. In 2016, we officially incorporated, registered as a political party with the FEC, and ran a nationwide Presidential campaign, all with purely volunteer efforts and small donors.

We are continuing to grow rapidly in membership and local organization. In September of 2019, members of the American Solidarity Party selected Mr. Brian Carroll of California to be our candidate for the 2020 Presidential Election. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Amar Patel was selected as running mate. Representative delegates also revised the ASP Platform with a radical vision of both/and justice to combat the hypocritical either/or political options that are prevalent in the duopoly. While no one is expected to agree with 100% of a party or candidate platform, what binds us together is our mutual commitment to the sanctity of human life, the necessity of social justice, our responsibility for the environment, and the promotion of a more peaceful world. Due to these values we are a proud member of the Consistent Life Network.

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