“Where can I interact with American Solidarity Party members?”

Please follow our public page on Facebook, our Instagram, or on Twitter find us @AmSolidarity, where you are welcome to comment (respectfully in solidarity, please!) and interact with members and others who are curious about the party.

If you’ve joined the party as a voting member, you can also join our voting members group, where we discuss ways we can help advance our political causes together.

“How do I join?”

You can join us by using the form on the Support Us page. Joining the party requires that you affirm your agreement with our four core principles: the sanctity of human life, the necessity of social justice, our responsibility for the environment, and the possibility of a more peaceful world. A financial donation is also required when you join. Membership (including the affirmation statement and donation) must be renewed annually, in order to participate in internal party voting, and there is a two-month waiting period from the time you first join before you are eligible to vote internally.

Doing this in no way keeps you from being a registered Democrat or Republican for voting in primaries. In some states, voter registration under the American Solidarity Party may be possible. There is no link between registering on this website and registering with the state.

“I want to get involved!”

We’re glad you found us! As a new party, energy and enthusiasm will make all the difference! Here are a few quick ways to get involved:

                • Sign up as a member! This will put you on the list to receive emails about our national activities and opportunities to get involved with the national party. Your contact information will also be shared with the leadership of your state chapter (but NEVER anyone else!) so you can get involved in state and local activities.


                • Sign up for our newsletters! This will help keep you up-to-date on party activities and efforts around the country, as well as internal news. Many articles in our blog are first published in our newsletter. Even if you are not a party member, you many be able to participate in many of our activities.


                • Donate! We are funded solely by small donors like you. We do not have corporate PACs or billionaires backing our party. We need your help to get the word out about this exciting new party that is committed to advancing the common good, not corporate and special interests.


                • Join the Voting Members group on Facebook. Within a day or two of signing up you should receive an invitation to our Members group on Facebook where you can learn more about ways to get involved and where you can engage with other members on a variety of topics. Join and follow your state ASP chapter pages and groups too.


                • Spread the word! Tell your family and friends about the ASP. If you know of a great online magazine or blog that might like to do an interview with a candidate or member of the National Committee, let us know. If you read a blog and you think that it’s appropriate, leave a comment directing people to our website to learn more about us!


“Will you be on the ballot in my state?”

The answer to this question really depends on the willingness of each person to get actively involved in the process. As more people like you join the effort, getting the word out into the community and inviting  family, friends, and neighbors, more and more states will actually be able to put ASP candidates on the ballot.

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