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National Committee

The leadership of the American Solidarity Party is made up of dedicated volunteers who, like many of us, were searching for a better political party. Join us to build a strong foundation for our party, elect Solidarity Party candidates as a new kind of leader, and redirect the conversation about public policy towards the common good. You can contact us by emailing, and your inquiry will be routed to the appropriate member of our leadership team.


Amar Patel


Amar Patel was born to Indian immigrants who came to this country in the late 1960s. His father worked as a civil engineer for the city of Chicago and his mother worked as a union laborer in cleaning supply factory. His parents sponsored the immigration of many family members during his childhood and he grew up with several aunts, uncles, and cousins in his family home at once. He received Bachelor’s Degrees in Math, Chemistry, and Psychology and a Master’s in Education from the University of Illinois. After meeting his wife at the Newman Center during college they moved to the Chicago suburbs where they have been teachers for the last 20 years. They have two children in high school.

Amar has spent years on many committees for school and curriculum development, given talks at state conferences, worked on several church councils, and organized major speech competitions. He has coached speech team, math team, tennis, golf, soccer and basketball. He serves his community through the Knights of Columbus and other local organizations. He is a published novelist, lead singer for a band, member of a competitive softball team, but his passion is in building community and bringing people together.


Zebulon Baccelli


Zebulon is a 39-year-old small business owner and father of four. He was born and has spent all but a few years of his life living in rural western Pennsylvania. Coming from a farm family background, he studied agriculture at Penn State University. In his late twenties he started a business providing marketing and distribution for a cooperative of Amish organic vegetable farmers which has become his full time occupation.

He has been involved in political activism since his college years, when he discovered the Catholic peace and justice movement and the Catholic Worker movement. As the president of the Penn State chapter of Pax Christi, he organized demonstrations against the death penalty and war, and ran educational campaigns to introduce fellow students to Catholic social teaching. He joined the American Solidarity Party in 2016, overjoyed to find a real political party fully compatible with Catholic social teaching that is pro-life for the whole life. He was elected chair of the Pennsylvania chapter of the party in October 2107 and joined the national committee in June 2018.


Patrick Harris


Patrick Harris is a PhD candidate in History at Rutgers University, where he studies the political and intellectual history of modern Europe. He previously received a BA with majors in International Studies and Philosophy and a minor in French from Rhodes College in Memphis. An Alabama native, he lives in Haddonfield, New Jersey, in the Philadelphia area, with his wife Sara, a medical student, and their daughter Lena. His doctoral research has also taken him to Britain and France for extended periods, including a recent exchange year at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris. He has also worked intermittently for the past several years in assessment development for the Educational Testing Service. He attends Liberti Church Collingswood, a congregation in the Reformed tradition.

Patrick joined the American Solidarity Party in 2016, looking for a pro-life movement with a deep-rooted conception of the common good. He has been involved in the New Jersey chapter of the ASP since that time, including Monica Sohler’s 2017 campaign for State Assembly. He takes a special interest in foreign policy, seeking to promote a more responsible, realistic, and restrained approach to America’s global role.


Tai-Chi Kuo (郭太極)


Tai-Chi Kuo is a first-generation Asian American immigrant who began pursuing his American Dream at the tender age of four when his family emigrated from the Republic of China (Taiwan) and settled in the Chicagoland area. Tai-Chi is an Evangelical Christian who attends a historically Chinese-American church and who began his journey into politics after hearing a message on the subject of “Public Faith” exhorting Christians not to withdraw from public service, but to engage deeply with American society on the pressing issues of our times. He joined the American Solidarity Party in the summer of 2017 and has been active as an officer in its Illinois Chapter since that time. Tai-Chi is passionate about Religious Freedom, Faith in the Public Square, Asian American issues, and Greater China issues.

Professionally, Tai-Chi has worked in Project Management and Business Analysis-related roles for over ten years on numerous Financial Services, Technology, and Legal projects. Tai-Chi holds a Juris Doctor from Loyola University Chicago and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (also his undergraduate alma mater where he majored in Advertising and minored in East Asian Languages and Cultures). Tai-Chi and his wife Tiffany were recently married in 2019. They have family in Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia, Hawaii, Taipei, Beijing, and Fuzhou. During his free time, Tai-Chi enjoys reading, board games, opera, and practicing martial arts.


Eric Anton


Eric Anton was born in Wilmington, Delaware and after graduating the University of Delaware in 2009 commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. After numerous assignments, including two tours in Afghanistan, he left active service becoming a Case Manager working with the homeless and is currently working on his Masters in Public Policy from American University. Eric has been married for eight years and has two children. His wife currently still serves in the United States Army as a physician.

Eric draws much of his political identity from his personal experiences with discrimination as a bi-racial individual and in witnessing poverty both in the United States and abroad. He joined the American Solidarity Party in the hopes of working with a likeminded community who wants to end many of the injustices that afflict American Society.


Skylar Covich

Director of Outreach

Skylar Covich is an academic political scientist who has conducted research on the influence of American Christian organizations on economic policies, and on past efforts to build socially conservative, economically progressive movements. He earned his BA in politics from Saint Mary’s College of California in 2009 and his doctorate in political science from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2017. Totally blind since birth, he was involved in on-campus activities related to the labor movement, the pro-life movement and accessibility for the disabled. Upon finding the American Solidarity Party in 2016, he eagerly took the opportunity to put insights from his research into practice for an organization which matched his values. He assisted with ballot access and write-in vote counting research for the Maturen-Munoz presidential campaign, along with the party’s efforts to gain media coverage and active state chapters. He took a leading position in the party’s California chapter, which ran several candidates for the June 2018 Top Two primary elections including Brian Carroll for Congress and Desmond Silveira for governor.

Dr. Covich lives with his wife in Ventura, California. He teaches university level political science courses and sings in the choir of his Catholic parish.


Monica Tully Sohler

Monica Tully Sohler hails originally from New York, grew up in Chester County Pennsylvania, and has spent most of her adult life in Southern New Jersey where she lives with her husband of 34 years, Paul. They have five adult children and four grandchildren. Monica has been active in her town, volunteering on the Tree Commission and Master Plan groups, and ran for Town Council in the 2000s. She was also the American Solidarity Party’s candidate for NJ Assembly in 2017.

Monica registered as a Democrat when she first was able to vote in 1978, but in the 1990s switched her registration to Republican primarily due to the abortion issue. However, she was never completely comfortable in either party, and in the 2016 election found herself unable to support either major party candidate. It was then she discovered the American Solidarity Party, and voted Solidarity in 2016.

Monica and Paul primarily home schooled their five children, who were all active in 4H raising livestock. Monica was a 4H leader. She is a CCD teacher in her parish community. She feels the platform of the Solidarity party is unique and wonderful, offering a consistent life view neither major party offers. She hopes to see the party run more candidates and grow as a force in American Politics.


Alex Rasmussen

Alex is a 28-year-old husband, father of one, music student, and small business owner. He hails from Central Illinois, where he has lived for most of his life.

Alex joined the American Solidarity Party in the late summer of 2016 after searching for a pro-life party offering distributist principles. He became active in the Illinois chapter, and was elected the chair of the state chapter that November. He takes special interest in subsidiarity, local commerce, and local politics.


Christy Yao

Christy Yao has lived in the state of Maryland her whole life, currently residing in Baltimore County. She joined the American Solidarity Party in early 2018, and served on the Maryland state committee in February of that year. She has been chairwoman of her state since September 2018, is excited to be a delegate for the Northeast, and honored to have been elected to the National Committee. She has a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and is currently a graduate student at Towson University, studying professional writing. She is an infant teacher at a child care center, as well as a staff writer and former intern for Rehumanize International. She is passionate about pro-life feminism, care for the environment, stopping unjust war, and many other issues!

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