Are you ready to help change the political landscape, to focus policy discussions on the common good and human dignity, and to have better choices as a voter?


If you’re interested in what the American Solidarity Party is doing, and can make our affirmation statement, but not quite ready yet to make a commitment of time, treasure, or votes, we invite you to sign up as an Associate Member below. Please opt-in to our email list–we only send 1-2 emails per week, and we never share your contact information outside the party. Associate Members also gain access to our state and national discussion forums on Facebook connecting you with party leadership and other members to learn more about opportunities for involvement.


If you’re ready to really make a difference, we invite you to sign up as a full voting member of the party. Basic membership dues start at just $10 per year (which can even be waived in special circumstances) and help us sustain the operation and marketing of the party, as well as support for our candidates. Voting members have the opportunity to participate in both national and state conventions, which are generally conducted online, in addition to all the privileges of Associate Members.


Please note that registering with the American Solidarity Party here is NOT the same as party registration under your state election laws. You can still stay registered with a major party for election law purposes in order to participate in their primary process, regardless of your membership level with the American Solidarity Party.


Our Affirmation Statement:


“I affirm my recognition of the sanctity of human life, the necessity of social justice, our responsibility for the environment, and the possibility of a more peaceful world.”

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