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National Committee

The leadership of the American Solidarity Party is made up of dedicated volunteers. Men and women who, like many, were searching for a better political party. Hopefully you will join us in building a strong foundation for our party, that will help us to elect Solidarity Party candidates as a new kind of leader and redirect the conversation about public policy towards the common good. You can contact us by emailing, and your inquiry will be routed to the best member of our leadership team.


Lillian Vogl


H. Lillian Vogl was born to parents who had recently been involved in establishing a Christian-democratic political action committee in the mid 1970s. Her father worked in media production for Christian international humanitarian organizations, giving her an early passion for justice and human dignity. She studied English Education at Dordt College and then moved to the Washington DC area to pursue a policy-oriented career. After a few years working for educational non-profits she attended the University of Virginia School of Law, where she was a Federalist Society officer who organized public debates on current legal issues.

She has focused her subsequent career on tax and financial services, and was a federally registered lobbyist for several years. She spent a decade actively involved in local Republican Party committees in Northern Virginia, volunteering as precinct captain, women’s coalition chair, executive committee member, and ran for State Central Committee. Meanwhile, her study of Catholic social justice principles caused increasing cognitive dissonance with the “party line,” leading to her public resignation from the GOP and joining the American Solidarity Party.

Lillian has been married for over 10 years to a public school educator. Together they are raising two children who enjoy the arts and Catholic school.


Skylar Covich

Vice Chair & Director of State Chapter Development

Skylar Covich completed his doctorate in political science at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2017. Born in New Jersey, he later moved with his family to New York and then the far north of California. He has been totally blind since birth. Covich earned a BA from Saint Mary’s College of California in 2009 with a Major in Politics and a Minor in Religious Studies, and he received an MA in political science from UC Santa Barbara in 2012.

Covich has conducted research and taught undergraduate courses on interest groups in American politics. He is particularly interested in the impact of religious organizations on economic policy and anti-poverty legislation. Before finding the ASP, he had planned to focus his academic career on researching the possibility of whether a socially conservative party with more progressive or moderate views on other issues might be viable in the United States. He will assist the American Solidarity Party with demographic data analysis, local and state organization, and ballot access. Covich has presented his research at numerous conferences, including the American Political Science Association and the Calvin College Symposium on Religion and Public Life.

Covich lives with his wife in Ventura, California. At around the same time he became involved with the American Solidarity Party, he also began another new activity; singing in the choir of his Catholic parish.


Chuck Adams,


Chuck Adams is one of the American Solidarity Party’s very few elected officials. He serves as the City Attorney of the City of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, a city of 50,000 on the shores of Lake Michigan. He was first elected to the position in 2015.

Chuck grew up in several places on the East Coast and the Midwest. He graduated in 1990 from Dordt College, Sioux Center, Iowa, and in 1993 from the University of Wisconsin Law School in Madison, Wisconsin. He has spent his entire adult life in Wisconsin, working several years in a small town general practice, before joining the City of Sheboygan as Assistant City Attorney/Municipal Prosecutor in 1996. Chuck has been married for 27 years and has three children, aged 23, 20, and 17.

Chuck has been very active in community matters, including serving on several non-profit and school boards, volunteering in the local public schools, and helping to organize neighborhood associations. He is also licensed to preach in the Wisconsin churches of the Christian Reformed Church of North America. His Calvinist religious and philosophical background and deep respect for the Dutch politician/theologian Abraham Kuyper led him to look for a political home within the Christian democratic tradition, which he found in the American Solidarity Party.


Kim Dominesey,


Kim was born and raised in the Washington, DC suburbs.  She earned her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Radford University in December 2002.  In May 2003, she married Mark Dominesey. Together they are raising ten children, ages 13 years to due in August 2018.

Kim has been a member of the American Solidarity Party since its inception in 2011.  Much of her time within the party has been spent in supportive roles, from hosting an annual meet and greet picnic at her home to demonstrating with the ASP at various events in DC to collaborating with her husband in discussions of how to reflect solidarity and subsidiarity from personal daily living to the national stage.  The Office of Treasurer is the first formal position that she has held in the party.

In faith, Kim is a practicing Roman Catholic.  Her catechesis as a child and young adult focused on the formation of conscience and living a faith filled life.  She has focused her adult exploration of the Faith on the Social Teachings rooted in the understandings of human dignity and the inherent good in supporting and caring for all life on Earth.  She has found that the bringing the social justice concepts of her faith into political discussions to be fruitful in seeking the “common good on common ground”. She is passionate about the maintenance of a secular democracy within the American political system ensuring that discrimination becomes a mere portion of our nation’s history not a defining and dividing issue.  Her focused passion extends specifically into the public healthcare and bioethics arena as a result of her supportive role in her husband’s career and education.

Along with full time motherhood and volunteer efforts, Kim manages the family homestead that she and her husband own in the exurbs of Washington, DC.  Together with their children, they operate as a vendor at their local farmer’s market as well as direct sales to members of the community and in nearby Washington, DC.  The homestead’s efforts and purpose are grounded in their understanding of social and environmental responsibility. From producing their own fruits and vegetables to the care and keeping of the animals that provide the eggs, honey and fiber for their customers. Kim and her family are focused on providing their own family and the greater community with food grown locally through safe and sustainable methods.


Dan Woodring,

Director of Fundraising

Dan joined the American Solidarity Party after many years searching for a consistently pro-life party, that was equally committed to peace, the environment, caring for vulnerable populations, and that fights discrimination and recognizes the value and rights of every person–in other words, true solidarity.

Dan has holds a B.A. in Humanities and Classical Languages, and a M.Div. in Pastoral Theology/Liturgics.  He was a pastor in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod for 12 years before converting to Roman Catholicism.

Dan has over 20 years experience in working with not-for-profit organizations.  He is currently the executive director of Interfaith Caregivers, an organization that provides volunteer-based, non-medical, support for seniors living in the community and their family caregivers.  He is very active in his community as a member of local Kiwanis and Lions Clubs.

Dan has lived his entire life in the midwest.  He and his wife of 26 years currently live in rural Minnesota on a small farm where they raise heritage pork, poultry, and a half-acre, organic fruit and vegetable garden.  They have 10 children and two grandchildren. In his spare time, Dan wonders why he doesn’t have any spare time.


Jim Cline


Director of Campaigns

Jim was born and raised in Seattle. He graduated from the University of Washington in 1980 and in 1982 both in Political Science from University of Washington. In 1982 he enrolled in a joint degree program at the University of Notre Dame, receiving a Master’s Degree in Economics and a law degree, both in 1986. He has served as Editor in Chief of the Journal of Legislation. Jim has worked as a practicing lawyer since 1986. He has served as a King County Deputy Prosecutor and later entered private practice as a union labor lawyer. In 1994, he started his own law firm now known as Cline and Casillas, which has become one of the leading law firms on the West Coast that specialize in representing Public Safety employees. He has been involved in various federal, state and local political campaigns over the years. In 2001 he was a candidate for Seattle City Attorney. Jim joined the ASP after finding that values based platform provided a new political home for himself as well as millions and millions of Americans who have been marginalized by the two major parties.


Ephrem Hugh Bensusan

Director of Social Media and Marketing

In addition to serving on the National Committee, Ephrem is also the State Chairman for Kentucky. Originally from Flagstaff, Arizona, he spent much of his youth traveling in Latin America, until, after his parents divorced, he moved to Florida with his mother and brother.

He moved to Kentucky in 2006. A lifelong Republican, Ephrem became disaffected with the party during the GWB era, and left the party entirely upon the nomination of Donald Trump to in 2016. He says, “I can say that I have never in my life knowingly voted for a Democrat. However, a combination of things have happened over the years to make me no longer a man of the Christian right, not the least of which was the complete derailment of the GOP into culture war and alt-right fanaticism, and the rise of a new Pope who has made justice and liberation real to me in ways I am still trying to fathom. A great deal of it has been coming to understand that the real teachings of the Christian faith cannot coincide with the individualism, selfishness, and greed that characterize the political elite in both parties. The shift in my thinking over the years has made the gospel of liberation and compassion central to my political vision.”

48 years old, Ephrem lives in Lexington with his wife Angela, and works for Apple, Inc. in the Enterprise Creativity/Productivity Software division. They have two daughters, one a Theology major at Ave Maria University, the other currently in USMC Boot Camp at Parris Island, SC. Ephrem humorously describes himself as a pitchfork-wielding, affluence-hating, Liberation-Theology-spouting Uniate radical. Though technically Melkite Greek Catholic, the Bensusans are members at the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Christ the King in Lexington.


Desmond Silveira

Director of Operations

Desmond is currently working as the American Solidarity Party Director of Operations. He was formerly the vice chair of the party, the campaign manager for the Maturen-Muñoz 2016 campaign, and helped to set up state chapters for the party. He is a practicing Catholic, professional software engineer, a husband, and a father of eight children. Born in Zambia and of Indian (Goan) descent, he has lived in southern California since he was one-year-old. After earning his Bachelor of Science in computer science from California Polytechnic University, Pomona, Desmond has worked at various companies and organizations including GE, JPL,, Los Angeles Times, and Disney.

He is socially conservative and fiscally moderate, and had spent his adult life as a Republican until the 2016 election season, when he discovered the American Solidarity Party. Desmond has been involved at different times with various ministries at his parish including CCD, Familia, and Cub Scouts. In his free time, Desmond enjoys playing video games with his kids.

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